5 Days .Paris 4* … Tex world (16-19 September 2019) 从 US$608
5 Days .Paris 4* … Tex world (16-19 September 2019)

5 Days .Paris 4* … Tex world (16-19 September 2019)

Texworld is an international trade fair for the garment and textile industry which takes place every six months at Parc d'expositions in Le Bourget near Paris. It reflects the prêt-à-porter dynamic in the fashion world. With exhibitors from all over the world, this show has now become an indispensable business platform and just an order of the industry. It connects suppliers, buyers and designers. This event at the Fair Trade Fair provides visitors with a wide range of innovative and innovative fabrics with a price-to-performance ratio. Texworld focuses on clothing, fabrics and materials and is influenced by innovative structures and a blend of materials and color schemes. In addition to a network of commercial contacts, the exhibition provides visitors and exhibitors with a range of latest trends and the ability to test all materials, making this event an exciting experience.

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5 Days .Paris 4* … Tex world (16-19 September 2019)
5 Days .Paris 4* … Tex world (16-19 September 2019)