CCC 5 Days. Maldives 4* innen: US$678
CCC 5 Days. Maldives 4*

CCC 5 Days. Maldives 4*

Maldives (5 Days/4 Nights) ... Maldives 4*. [Note: If you would like to add transfer, please contact us at] - [MV03]

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12/11/2019 16/11/2019


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The Maldives, located in the Indian Ocean, are an archipelago of 1,192 coral islands grouped into 26 coral atolls. From these small islands, only 203 are populated. Kaafu is where the capital, Male, and the airport are located and it is home of most tourist resorts. The Maldives really are the dream destination it appears to be in the holiday brochures, the water really is that crystal-clear and turquoise, the sand really is that white, and the sunsets really are all the shades of red and orange you could imagine. The Maldives are famous for blissful surroundings, its excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities, its beach villas, its dark-blue sea with turquoise-colored lagoons and its exquisite food. A trip to the Maldives is always an unforgettable experience, a satisfaction for the soul and a pleasure for the eyes, crystal clear waters, tropical white sand beaches, colorful flora and untouched nature. But beware, paradise is not cheap.

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Meeru Island Resort & Spa

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  • A központtól 64,6 km-re van
  • North male' atoll, Meeru 20187
Ha a(z) Meerufenfushi területén fekvő Meeru Island Resort & Spa vendégeként száll meg, a(z) Köztársaság tér és a(z) Maldív-szigeteki Iszlám Központ könnyen elérhető távolságra lesz Öntől. Ez egy 4,5 csillagos üdülő, mely a következő régiójában talál...
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CCC 5 Days. Maldives 4*
CCC 5 Days. Maldives 4*