6 Days. Vienna 4* از US$430
6 Days. Vienna 4*

6 Days. Vienna 4*

Austria (6 Days/5 Nights) ... Vienna 4* - [AT04]

دسته‌بندی : رهایی از شهر اتریش | سوییس

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۰۸/۱۲/۲۰۱۹ ۱۳/۱۲/۲۰۱۹


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Vienna is the capital and largest city of the Republic of Austria. It is a beautiful romantic city and famous for its coffee culture and cafes, classical music and concert halls, historical buildings, horse-drawn carriages, and its charming streets. There is a rich cultural diversity in Vienna, and its location at the very heart of Europe makes it also an excellent starting point for travelling around Europe. Vienna an impressing city to visit, the city is dominated by the Ringstrasse, a four kilometer long boulevard which encircles the center of the city. The city is filled with modern conveniences and attractions but blanketed as well with reminders of a great historical and cultural heritage. Excellent museums, palaces, gardens, architectural triumphs, remnants of ancient inhabitants, statuary, and grand cafes blend with trendy shops, excellent restaurants, accessible musical venues, modern museums and sculpture, and upscale hotels to make Vienna a very attractive. The extensive pedestrianized streets of the old city are a delight, lined by beautiful old buildings, populated by the young and old, filled with local shops, boutiques and cafes, and with the unexpected around every turn. The center city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Vienna is history and music, poetry and culture, modernism and tradition, nostalgia and grandeur.

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NH Collection Wien Zentrum

  • در ۲٫۲ کیلومتر از مرکز
  • Mariahilfer strasse, 78, Vienna 1070
Located directly on the Mariahilfer Straße, Europe's longest shopping street, the attractive NH Atterseehaus Suites enjoys a great situation in Vienna. The city centre with its famous attractions including the Museum of Natural History, Museum of Art...
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6 Days. Vienna 4*
6 Days. Vienna 4*